9004 Cree Led Bulbs 25W High/Low Replace Conversion Head Light Kit 6000K

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  • 9004 Hi-Low Beam CREE LED Headlight Conversion Kit
  • HID rely on temperature and requires time to warm up, while these rely on current and light up faster.
  • More efficient than HIDs
  • Uses less energy (25 watts per side)
  • Super Bright! (Brighter than typical HID Kits)
  • HIDs produce UV lights which causes yellowing of the lenses, LEDs do not!
  • Uses fans as heat sinks to help cool!
  • Ballasts are water resistant, uses IP65 Internal Constant Current CPU
  • Gives off a Super White Lights (Close to 6000K in HID standards)
  • ***Note: Plugs require electrical tape (Not water proof)***
  • Please check manual for more information!