1X Straight 4An An4 Swivel Hose Adapter Fitting Fuel Oil Gas Line Blue / Red

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  • Aluminum Anodized AN Fittings
  • AN type fitting are a strong and durable type of fitting used mainly in aeronautics, hydraulics, and military applications
  • The unique thread design and the angle of the flare make AN fittings one of the strongest and more secure seal connection when compared to convetional compression fittings
  • These AN flare fitting use a 37° flared tubing to form a metal-metal seal
  • These fittings use slip on hose barbs that seal by using pressure
  • Connecting the hose to fitting is a snap, since a wrench is not even needed! Simply slip the hose onto the hose barb
  • Size: 4AN (Straight)
  • Measurements: (Please refer to the picture above)
  • Size 1: 4.50mm
  • Size 2: 6.85mm
  • Size 3: 8.90mm
  • Size 4: 21.60mm
  • Recommended Hose size: 1/4 Hose