For Scion JDM 5" Black Face All 4 In 1 11K RPM Tachometer Oil/Water Temp Gauge

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  • 100% brand new items, never used or installed.
  • Universal JDM Sport 5" / 127mm 4-in-1 tachometer gauge with external adjustable shift light.
  • Made by OEM approved manufacturers with materials that meets or exceeds strict OEM requirements.
  • Manufactured from high quality machined steel for superior strength and durability.
  • Displays range readings from 0 - 11,000 RPM along with your vehicle's oil pressure, oil temperature, and water temperature.
  • Features LED display with user programmable background options and self calibration mode at startup.
  • Gives your vehicle an aggressive high performance racing look.
  • SPECIFICATIONS (Estimated):
    • Water Temperature Unit Type: Celsius (°C)
    • Water Temp Display Range: 40~120 °C
    • Oil Temp Unit Type: Celsius (°C)
    • Oil Temp Display Range: 50~150 °C
    • Oil Pressure Unit Type: Bar
    • Oil Pressure Display Range: 0~7 Bar
  • * Connects to 12V power source; some modifications will be required to mount. *
  • No installation guides are included, we highly recommend seeking professional installation.

Compatible/Replacement for:

  • Universal Fitment - Works with 4, 6, 8-Cylinder Engines

** Car compatibility chart is for search purposes only - modifications will be required for mounting. **