NRG 4th Gen Hand E-Brake Handle Cover AC Style Dress Up Neo Chrome Aluminum JDM

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NRG Emergency Hand Grip Brake - BRAND NEW
This product improves the overall look of the interior of the vehicle while providing some performance gain.
Multiple designs suitable for wide variety of car interiors.
Features: Weighted Aluminum construction with different designs. Different weights are also available.

Bottom Hole Diameter: Approx. 22.3mm (0.88")

Top Hole Diameter*: Approx. 16.6mm (0.65")

Internal Depth (without the included button): Approx. 107.1mm (4.22")

Internal Depth (with the included button): Approx. 105mm (4.13")

Overall Lenght: Approx. 122mm (4.80")


Button Internal Diameter: Approx. 14.5mm (0.57")

Button Internal Depth: Approx. 15mm (0.59")


*Note: Measurements included for reference as the NRG eBrake Handles come with the button.