M12X1.25mm 20 Piece Close End Acorn Steel Tuner Lug Nuts Racing Neo Chrome

Price: $19.99

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      • 100% Brand new
      • Made from high quality Steel
      • Auction is for 20 Acorn Style Tuner Lug Nuts with locking key.
      • M12x1.25MM thread pitch size - 1.3" in length
      • Neo Chrome


    • NOTE
      • These lugs nuts are tuner lugs which are made for aftermarket wheels (NOT SAFE TO USE ON OEM WHEELS)
      • These are aluminum material, we highly recommend that you to NOT use impact gun to mount the lugs. Hand tools only for mounting/ removing
      • Please use a torque wrench to torque each lug nut to proper specs before starting to drive
      • There are no installation guides included
      • If you are unsure of your wheel stud thread pitch, please check your owners manual or this link


      • Universal fit as long as lug nuts are purchased for correct wheel studs
        • Please check your wheel thread pitch before purchasing, If your car shows up it is no guarantee it will fit (cars in compatibility are for search purposes ONLY)