M12X1.25mmpc Open End Extended Aluminum Tuner Lug Nuts Racing Purple For Subaru

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  • 20 Piece Extended Aluminum Racing Wheel Lug Nuts!
  • High performance competition racing spec lug nuts.
  • Made from high quality CNC machined aluminum
  • Capable of withstanding high pressure and heat.
  • Super light weight while not sacrificing performance.
  • High quality anodized finish for awesome unique look.
  • Auction is for 20 piece Extended Style Tuner Lug Nuts
  • Made to fit all non tuner type wheels with M12 x 1.25 thread pitch.
  • These racing lug nuts will not require special studs or tools.
  • Compatible with extended and oem studs.
  • These lug nuts are 2.36 inches long