Led Digital Display Silver Turbo Timer Programmable Purple Boost Controller Unit

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Boost Controller
  • 2 Channel output, activate NITROUS or INTERCOOLER SPRAYER
  • Features built in absolute pressure sensor
  • Display will allow you to see real time voltage, boost, vacuum and high and low setting
  • Will allow to run 2 boost setting either High and Low boost settings, adjustable to users preference.
  • Adjustable gain (how slow or quickly the wastegate opens). Records highest boost pressure reached and also last peak boost while driving, Peak boost warning.
  • The 12v 2 channel options on our kits is a great feature to allow you to get more out of your car.You can control systems such as nitrous or an intercooler sprayer all based off of boost pressures.
  • With the turbo timer functions, you can select with this auto or manual settings that you can program.Either allow the boost controller to figure how long the car should run depending on boost levels reached during the prior driving select your preset run time.
  • The controller has a function built in with an audible warning to notify the driver without have to see the boost gauge that the car has exceeded the set highest boost setting.
  • Along with our kit, you will see below we have a full instruction packet that will go along with this.This will detail the full install process and basic knowledge of the way the system works is necessary to complete the install.Everything is included as you can see from the photo below to get the kit installed
  • Wastegate has successfully addressed these issues by optimizing valve lift and the flow path through the body.
    Works with single or twin turbos, and runs internal or external wastegates up to 25.5PSI. This has a high quality internal pressure sensor, and a high quality fast response boost control solenoid

Turbo Timer

  • 100% Brand New
  • Thin pen style makes it easy to install anywhere
  • Used to keep an automotive engine running for pre-specified period of time in order to execute the cool-down period required to prevent premature turbo wear and failure.
  • Allows variable settings to leave engine running for a specified amount of time in order to cool down.
  • Works on both NA and Turbo Models
  • Red LED Display
  • Digital display - Allowing you to see during the day or night.
  • For all manual or automatic transmission vehicles both turbo and non-turbo engines.


  • No Installation Guides Are Included, We Highly Recommend Seeking Professional Installation


    • Universal