Volvo 240 T3 Turbo Manifold Velocity Stack Heat Shield Boost Controller Gunmetal

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Volvo 240 / 740 / 940 2.3L Engine Stainless Steel Engine Manifold:

  • High Quality Stainless Steel Turbo Manifold
  • Bolt on Turbo Manifold
  • Made to withstand high temperatures without breaking.
  • Direct OEM fitment.
  • Allows you to keep AC and Power Steering
  • Best Fitment with T3 based Turbochargers with Internal Wastegates.

Turbine Turbocharger:

  • Oil cooled only
  • 8 blade propeller
  • 25 to 35 Psi Peak Power Performance Output Capability.(factory warranty).
  • Designed Usable for External Wastegate Applications only
  • Compressor Specs :
    2.150 Inducer
    2.207" or 56.06mm inducer
    2.567" or 65.20mm Major
    Compressor .50 A.R.
    Compressor 57 Trim
    M24 / T4 Compressor Housing
  • Turbine Specs:
    T3 Type Turbine
    2" Exducer
    2.756" or 70.00mm Major
    2.131" or 54.14mm Minor
  • Exhaust Outlet Flange with V-Band design
  • Fit any Manifold with T3 or T3/T4 Flange
  • Comes with internal wastegate set around 7psi.
  • Needs to use 2.5" Vband Clamp (Not included)
  • Suggested for 1.6L to 2.5L engine up to 150-400HP
  • Universal (Designed to fit most Aftermarket Manifolds and OEM T3 Manifolds)

Velocity Stack:

  • 3" Velocity Stack
  • Super high quality light weight aluminum
  • Used for fast heat dissipation
  • 6" OD on top
  • 3.5" tall overall.
  • Includes high performance 3" silicone reinforeced coupler ,triple ply & 3" long.
  • High quality T-bolt clamps included.
  • Features: High quality stainless steel belt, T-bolt clamps:
  • These t-bolt clamps can precisely be adjusted with a 10mm nut allowing for easy surfacing,
    and quick installation while still being okay for everyday driving.
  • High performance JDM sport silicon reinforced coupler:
  • Triple-ply high quality silicone reinforced 3 times for an outstanding durability and performance.
  • JDM sport silicone coupler is engineered for use on forced induction engines or heavily modified .
  • Ideal for high heat and vibration condition where other conventional rubber coupler will fail.

Heat Shield Cover:

  • High quality stainless steel mesh wire inner lining w/ silicone impregnated fiber glass material
  • Heavy duty turbo blanket wrapped around
  • Stainless rivets and springs
  • Helps decrease turbo heat from spreading into the engine bay
  • Can hold up to 2,000 degree Fahrenheit
  • 3.6" Width

Oil Return Drain Line:

  • Oil Drain/Return Line
  • 22" Stainless steel hose, braided for heat and pressure resistance, strength and durability
  • Oil Return Line made for turbo
  • Helps circulate oil from the turbo to the oil pan
  • T3 Based Turbo Charger Only (Works only on Metal Oil Pans)

Oil Line Kit:

  • Made out of high quality stainless steel.
  • Oil feed line for turbo.
  • 1/8 size oil feedline with -4an fitting.
  • Threads in m10x1.5 turbo restricter plate with threaded 1/8npt on top, so it will allow you to use a 90 or straight -4an fitting.
  • By using this oil line kit,it will allow you to convert or replace your oem line. 36" long,1/8npt male end and -4female end.
  • Adapter is made out of high quality steel,and supply 90 and straight -4an fitting.
  • This line is made for t3 based center sections using m10x1.5 thread

Boost Controller:

  • Manual Turbo Boost Controller
  • In order avoid replacing wastegate springs, which only give a fixed increase, which is not adjustable, a boost controller will be the most cost effective solution 
  • Allows adjustable boost psi settings, light weight design to be mount under the hood
  • CNC Aluminum Body with Anodized color finish
  • Light weight and can be placed anywhere.
  • Universal fitment for turbocharged vehicles. (Stock or Aftermarket)


  • 100% Brand New Items, Never Used Or Installed
  • Made By OEM An Approved & ISO Certified Manufacturers In Materials That Meet Or Exceeds Strict OEM Requirements
  • There Is No Installation Guide Included, We Highly Recommend Professional Installation