T70 Turbo Charger V-Band Oil Return Feed Line Heat Shield Blanket Boost Blue

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  • Turbine Turbocharger
  • Oil cooled only
  • 6 blade propeller
  • Compressor Specs :
    4" Compressor Inlet
    2.226" or 56.55mm Inducer
    2.552" or 74.83mm Major
    Compressor .70 A.R.
    Compressor 75 Trim
    M14 Compressor
  • Turbine Specs :
    Twin Entry Type
    11 Blade Type
    58.18mm Exducer
    Turbine .84 A.R.
    Turbine 60 Trim
    2.894 " or 73.50mm Major
    2.275" or 57.78mm Minor
  • Made to use external wastegate
  • Uses T3 Exhaust flange (Dual Entry)


  • Suggested for 1.8L to 3.0L engine up to 200-500HP
  • 100% Brand New Items, Never Used Or Installed
  • Made By OEM An Approved and ISO Certified Manufacturers In Materials That Meet Or Exceeds Strict OEM Requirements
  • Oil Drain/Return Line
  • 22" Stainless steel hose, braided for heat and pressure resistance, strength and durability
  • Oil Return Line made for turbo
  • Helps circulate oil from the turbo to the oil pan
  • Includes Everything in Picture
  • There Is No Installation Guide Included, We Highly Recommend Professional Installation


  • T3 Based Turbo Charger Only (Works only on Metal Oil Pans)


  • 100% Brand New Items, Never Used Or Installed
  • Made out of high quality stainless steel.
  • Oil feed line for turbo.
  • 1/8 size oil feedline with -4an fitting.
  • Threads in m10x1.5 turbo restricter plate with threaded 1/8npt on top, so it will allow you to use a 90 or straight -4an fitting.
  • By using this oil line kit,it will allow you to convert or replace your oem line. 36"" long,1/8npt male end and -4female end.
  • Adapter is made out of high quality steel,and supply 90 and straight -4an fitting.
  • There Is No Installation Guide Included, We Highly Recommend Professional Installation


    • This line is made for t3 based center sections using m10x1.5 thread


    • 100% Brand New Items, Never Used Or Installed
    • Universal Stainless Steel Mesh Turbocharger Heat Shield Cover
    • High Quality Stainless Steel Mesh Wire Inner Lining With Silicone Impregnated Fiber Glass Material
    • Stainless Rivets & Springs
    • Helps Decrease Turbo Heat From Spreading Into The Engine Bay
    • Can Hold Up To 2,000 Degree Fahrenheit
    • Measurement: 3.6"" Width


    • Brand New Manual Turbo Boost Controller
    • In order avoid replacing wastegate springs, which only give a fixed increase, which is not adjustable, a boost controller will be the most cost effective solution
    • Allows adjustable boost psi settings, light weight design to be mount under the hood
    • CNC Aluminum Body with Anodized color finish
    • Light weight and can be placed anywhere.
    • Universal fitment for turbocharged vehicles. (Stock or Aftermarket)
    • Hardware is included for installation.
    • No Instructions are included! Professional installation suggested!


    • CNC billet aluminum T6061 housing for heat disbursement
    • 2 Bolt Flange set up for turbo applications.
    • Inconel base housing with forged stainless steel valves construction
    • Heavy duty actuator diaphram withstands temperatures up to 490 degrees celcius
    • High temparature silicone reinforced actuator diaphragm inner design
    • Weld-on flanges are included with every kit.
    • Wastegates includes steel hardware bolts.
    • External wastegates are commonly used for fast spooling and keep back pressure to a minimum and still regulating boost levels more precisely than internal wastegates in high power applications, where high boost levels can be achieved.
    • Come with a 6~8 psi spring (the spring is interchangable with different spring rate)